Arabization services

HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco provides Arabization services which help a plethora of companies deliver messages that are suited to the Arabic-speaking audience. Among such companies, we find software publishers, computer manufacturers and telecommunications companies. This particular service depends on producing Arabic versions of software, marketing programs and web content. This service helps deliver your product to the Arab consumer in general and the Moroccan consumer in particular.

We can provide this service for the following products:

  • CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs
  • Computer software
  • Web content
  • Video games
  • Web manuals and guidebooks

Arabization is not a mere translation of the text. It includes other important aspects, such as overcoming the linguistic, technical and cultural barriers. For this reason, Arabization experts need to possess capabilities, such as:

  • A linguistic ability to handle the source and target language with diligence
  • An excellent knowledge of various operating systems and applications
  • A comprehensive understanding of Internet

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