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Content creation/ Creative writing

Creative writing is an art form, so is content creation. In order for a translation agency to provide this service, it needs to be aware of this fundamental aspect and make it its number one principle. We, at HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco, are fully aware of this. We do not just offer the service of content creation/ creative writing , but we offer more than what the client needs. We are keen on improving this service, and we aim to turn it into a unique, stand-alone service which produces texts that are creative in every sense of the word.

In order to provide this service successfully, the right human resources have to be available. Of course, HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco employs the right people that are more than able to serve our clients in the best way possible. Our creative team values art and understands that creative writing needs an artistic sensibility in order to produce a creative text that possesses the ability to stir the individual’s feelings, making him or her produce even more original ideas. If we succeed at this—and it is rare that we do not—it means that we have served our clients to the fullest.

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