Engineering translation

The fields to which engineering translation can be applied are numerous. For example, there is the field of defense, construction, communication and consumer goods. We, at HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco, have the ability to handle both large and small translation projects that pertain to the various fields of engineering, such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture, among others. Our translators have extensive experience translating documents that relate to the fields of engineering; their experience enabled them to master the writing style and the terminology of these fields. More than that, they possess the ability to work under pressure, making them able to manage complex documents and translate them with ease. In addition to this, we do not rely on translators alone to translate your documents; we employ the help of reviewers that have extensive knowledge in the field of engineering as well. Thus ensuring that the translations are sound, correct translations, and that the terminology is correctly used throughout the text.

We offer engineering translation services for documents that relate to the following fields:

  • The translation of user instructions
  • The translation of user guides
  • The translation of technical reports
  • The translation of patent applications
  • The translation of advertisement pamphlets
  • The translation of scientific articles
  • The translation of textbooks
  • The translation of encyclopedias
  • The translation of recipes
  • Software and hardware localization
  • The translation of pharmaceutical products
  • The translation of mechanical systems
  • The translation of regulatory documents
  • The translation of manuals of consumer goods
  • The translation of safety procedures lists
  • The translation of report summaries
  • The translation of studies and research material
  • The translation of packaging material
  • The translation of material related to electronic devices
  • The translation of car, train, marine vehicle and aircraft specifications
  • The translation of material related to manufacturing processes