General translation

HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco is honored to offer you translation services of texts which deal with general topics and which do not contain specialized terms. What falls under the category of general translation are texts that do not need specialized knowledge of the subject matter, but rather a general knowledge and an awareness of common sense. Being aware that the field of translation has special standards, HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco is known for adhering to these standards, both local and international, in order to make our translations correspond to the reputation of our prestigious agency. Moreover, the translators and proofreaders working for our agency are aware of what happens in the world around, enabling them to perform general translations accurately and professionally.

General translation includes:

  • Translation of letters
  • Translation of speeches
  • Translation of agendas
  • Translation of meeting reports
  • Translation of corporate bylaws

In addition to this, we can translate every imaginable document that does not deal with specialized fields.