Legal translation

Since it is related to the affairs of individuals and institutions, legal translation has immense importance. In fact, this is what makes it the most sensitive translation type. Therefore, at HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco, we pay particular attention to legal translation, and we are very keen on ensuring that the client's interests are well-looked-after. Moreover, we work to protect the client from falling victim to any legal error that would cost him or her the highest of prices. We work hard on transferring our outstanding services in the field of legal translation thanks to legal translators that are specialists in the field. More than that, we employ the aid of experts whose main task is to review the legal translations and check their style and good use of terminology.

Believing in the importance of this field of translation makes HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco proud to provide legal translation services to its clients. Our translation agency provides this service to various institutions, such as offices, law firms, etc. This service includes translating and reviewing all the documents that are of a legal nature, such as certificates, contracts, pleadings, bonds, birth certificates, marriage contracts, university degrees, passports, residence permits and every document that is used in the legal framework.

Therefore, HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco works only with trained, sworn translators who are accredited by various embassies and ministries in different cities throughout Morocco. These translators provide our customers with faithful, accurate translations that ensure the source text is correctly worded in the target language, which ensures the rights of all parties.

The legal translation department can undertake the translation of the following documents:

  • Legal contracts of all kinds
  • Public and private agency documents
  • Personal documents and degrees
  • Documents of all kinds
  • Birth certificates, death certificates, certificates of experience and marriage contracts
  • Passports and driving licenses
  • Wills, certificates of confirmation and medical certificates
  • Business documents, including commercial licensing contracts, agreements, articles of association and company bylaws
  • Documents issued by courts and notaries
  • All documents issued in the Kingdom of Morocco or abroad for the purpose of official use within the state