Marketing translation

When the main goal is to provide a specific message to the audience of another culture, literal translation is not enough to achieve the desired result. Therefore, marketing translation aims at enabling the public to understand the message in the way that it is understood by the audience of the original text. Moreover, it aims at employing the necessary touches of innovation and creativity, in order to reach the desired effect behind the message. This type of translation does not take into account the necessity of being faithful to the original text; the primary goal of this translation type is to adapt your text to the audience that you are targeting. If we were to use the standard approach with marketing texts, we will do that tremendously. By definition, marketing translation is different from normal translation. Marketing translation is a process through which the text is re-written completely in a foreign language. In this process, we ensure that the language is well used and the sentences are eloquently structured, making your text beat according to the rhythm of another language. More importantly, the essence of the original message remains the same, for it is the most important part. The field of marketing translation is concerned with the translation of the following:

  • Translation of advertising slogans
  • Translation of promotional messages
  • Translation of television ads
  • Translation of online ads