Medical translation

Specialized fields require specialized translation. This principle applies to the field of medical translation as it does in other fields. The field of medical translation is unique from the other fields of translation; it’s more sensitive. Therefore, any error in a translation, however slight, can be fatal, resulting in the death of people. In order to eliminate any possible errors in medical translation, we make it a priority to employ the help of professional medical experts. Most of these specialists have extensive experience concerning all types of medical reports. Therefore, there is no one better to help us review the translations and verify them in terms of the style and linguistic efficiency. Their unique experience has provided them with a keen eye for errors, making them able to amend what is wrong with the translated document. In doing so, they rely on their in-depth knowledge of the medical field and medical translation.

The medical translation team undertakes the translation of the following:

  • Translation of medical reports
  • Translation of handwritten medical prescriptions
  • Translation of patient records and medical records
  • Translation of summaries of patient release reports
  • Translation of doctoral theses
  • Translation of registration documents
  • Translation of expert reports
  • Translation of payroll data
  • Translation of user guides
  • Translation of patient files
  • Translation of regulatory documents