Our values

Quality, commitment, confidentiality, speed and efficiency

Being committed to our values is the key to our unparalleled success in the Kingdom of Morocco. These are four values by which we do not hesitate to abide. Moreover, we make it a number one priority to teach the translators at HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco the importance of adhering to these values.

The first of these values is quality: It is important for our agency to provide, at competitive prices, services that are high in quality. Before being delivered to the client, translated documents are subject to various stages of revision: they are checked for consistency and correct use of grammar and punctuation by multiple proofreaders. All of which is done to make sure that the translations are faithful renderings of the original meaning, and that they are correct in terms of language use.

The second of these values is commitment: This value is directly associated with the value of quality, for quality cannot be achieved without strong commitment. At HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco, we are committed to dedicating the time and the human resources necessary to serve you best. In addition to this, we are committed to the strengthening of our capabilities and the expansion of our talents. More than that, we are committed to the spirit of collaboration: by collaborating with each other, we make sure that we are always learning new things, allowing for the most efficient of solutions to be applied to your projects.

The third of these values is confidentiality: You own your documents. Therefore, it is natural that these documents may sometimes include sensitive information about yourselves or your company. For this reason, we work hard towards ensuring that such information remains confidential during —and after, of course— the translation process.

The fourth value is speed and efficiency: we commit ourselves to translate everything entrusted to us in time, without sacrificing the quality.

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