Types of interpretation

Simultaneous interpreting

This type of interpretation demands from the interpreter the transferring, in real time, of what is being said in the source language to the target language. To perform this task, the interpreter sits in a special booth and listens to the speaker through headphones, delivering the translation of what is being said through a microphone. At HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco, we have advanced equipment, ensuring good sound quality.

Consecutive interpreting:

Consecutive interpreting allows the transfer of speech from one language into another language as soon as it ends. This type of interpretation requires less time, because to deliver a consecutive interpretation, the interpreter needs between the tenth or three-quarters of the original time. In order to deliver a good consecutive interpretation, interpreters need to listen carefully to the person who is giving the speech and write down the outline of the speech and the important points discussed by the speaker. Interpreters use these notes to construct a speech, delivering an interpretation that is either half the original or less, according to what was agreed upon with the conference organizers. In essence, it seems that consecutive interpretation is a kind of rewriting of the original text in a clear way.

Conference interpreting:

The best conference interpreters are those who have an excellent memory, fluency in more than two languages, a deep knowledge of their culture and the cultures of others and a thorough knowledge of the topics that shall be discussed at the conference. HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco employs only trained and certified conference interpreters, in addition to those who are trained in various areas of specialization. HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco offers the service of conference interpreting for your meetings and your conferences. This service is performed by interpreters who are experienced in the field and have the necessary know-how concerning conferences. Our conference interpreting service includes conferences, sales meetings, training sessions, board meetings, annual meetings and press conferences.

Court interpreting:

Lawyers and law firms rely heavily on court interpreters to ensure a smooth communication with the people who do not know a certain language inside and outside the courtroom. This help is sought during preparatory sessions, hearings, questioning sessions, testimony sessions and other legal meetings. Court interpreters are subject to long hours of work and are sometimes denied any rest time. Consequently, interpreting in these conditions can be difficult. For this reason, HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco employs experienced interpreters who can handle stress, and who often work together in a team, to ensure an accurate interpretation service.