Audiovisual translation

We can hardly meet an avid viewer of dubbed movies, TV series or documentaries who did not have comments concerning the bad work that was done dubbing the material. Such a person would normally criticize language mistakes and the bad sentence structure. In addition to that, their criticism may touch on a particular word or phrase alone, and sometimes it may concern a full scene which the translators failed completely to render its meaning.

For your creative work to avoid such severe, well-made criticism, our company provides you with high-quality audio-visual translation services. At HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco, we work on rendering the exact meaning from the source text into the target language, using the good language and sentence structure. This allows the target audience to understand your message in the perfect way possible.

In the audiovisual translation field, our services include the following:

  • Translation of written texts
  • Translation of films and TV series
  • Translation of animated films
  • Translation of documentaries
  • Translation of audio tapes and ads
  • Translation of programs that don’t have written texts
  • Broadcasting the translations of movies, advertisements, animated films, movies and documentaries
  • In addition to this, we offer synchronization in the dubbing process