Technical translation

The field of technical translation deals with the translation of texts that are written using special vocabulary. These texts not only relate to the fields of medicine and engineering alone, but to other fields, such as information technology, psychology, law, economy, etc. For these reasons, these texts require the translator to be knowledgeable about the field associated with the text at hand. In principle, the translator should be able to write in the style which corresponds to the text’s field and must develop the research skills associated with that field. It is true that technical texts contain special vocabulary; however, these texts are generally clear and precise in terms of meaning. Therefore, any translation of any technical text should reflect these characteristics. The fact of the matter is that even if the translation is a technical one, it does not mean that it cannot be understood.

HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco provides you with a translation solution that corresponds to the needs of every technical text you might want to translate. The technical translation service that we provide encompasses all documents containing specialized terms, such as commercial terms, industrial terms, financial terms, medical terms, etc., which need special translators specialized in these areas and familiar with these fields.

Our technical translators possess a comprehensive knowledge of, and extensive experience with, diverse fields, such as law, engineering, medicine, finance, communications, etc. Therefore, rest assured that your texts will be translated by people with technical linguistic knowledge, which enables them to produce an accurate and professional translation, thereby allowing you, the client, to achieve your desired goals behind the translation.

Examples of texts and documents that are associated with technical translation:

  • Scientific and technical publications
  • Advertising brochures for tools and devices
  • Payroll data
  • Illustrated booklets
  • User guides
  • Training and education courses
  • Car user guides
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Engineering specifications
  • Safety guides
  • Software publications
  • Staff training documents
  • Websites