Website localization

Your company’s website is a looking-glass through which your clients can get a glimpse at your entire business. Therefore, it should be properly prepared and nicely polished for all customers from all over the world. Given that website localization is making the products or services of a company suitable to the legal, cultural and linguistic expectations of a certain target audience, HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco aspires to achieve the highest rates of quality by combining the appropriate cultural content with the latest high-quality web technologies. We are able to achieve that through relying on a team of translators, developers and designers, delivering an end product that is correct both linguistically and technologically. The process of website localization is so important in that the development of your activities at the international level requires you to create a website that takes into account the language and culture of the target audience. Since people tend to associate more familiarly with things that belong to their culture, they usually lean towards the use of their language, culture, customs and traditions. Moreover, statistics show that people’s likelihood of buying from websites that are written in their mother tongue increases threefold.

If you want to create a website for your company and you need to translate its content, do not hesitate to contact us.