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Interpreter at an exhibition

An interpreter at an exhibition should have excellent language proficiency in the working languages of the event. They must be skilled in accurately conveying the message from one language to another, ensuring effective communication between exhibitors and attendees.

Industry Knowledge: An interpreter at an exhibition should possess industry knowledge and familiarity with the subject matter of the exhibition. This allows them to understand the terminology, concepts, and products or services being presented, ensuring accurate interpretation and facilitating meaningful interactions between exhibitors and visitors.

Communication Skills and Professionalism: An interpreter at an exhibition should have strong communication skills and professionalism. They must be able to adapt to different communication styles, maintain a neutral and impartial stance, and handle potentially challenging or high-pressure situations. They should also exhibit a professional demeanour, maintaining confidentiality and respecting the privacy of participants.

When hiring an interpreter for an exhibition, it is important to rely on our language proficiency, industry knowledge, and interpersonal skills. Additionally, providing us with relevant information about the exhibition in advance will enable us to prepare effectively and ensure smooth and accurate communication throughout the event.