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Media transcription

Among the services that HR Connect has been providing for years, there is media transcription that covers radio shows, TV shows, scripts for movies or plays etc., in addition to subtitling for movies.

Transcription services for shows from various media such as radio, television, movies, plays etc. are useful in different situations. For example, this service helps the audience understand the dialogues through the use of subtitling, as it can be beneficial for translating a program into another language.

At HR Connect, we provide high quality media transcription (spoken to written) with time coding at a low cost. In massive industries like media houses that cannot manage spend hours to transcribe films or television content, HR Connect, being one of the leading media transcription companies, is always there to provide its media transcription services and ease their workload. Since its inception in 2006, HR Connect has treated numerous transcriptions for media houses.

Service of high quality

HR Connect has a team of very professional and trained transcriptionists on any project. In addition, we collaborate with prominent media companies to meet a variety of media transcription needs. HR Connect’s transcriptionists have thorough knowledge of the media industry, which allows them to provide a high quality and accurate transcription service in a suitable way and within the deadline. At HR Connect, many transcriptionists are assigned to your projects to guarantee that they are conducted quickly, efficiently and consistently.

Solutions to any problem

There are various elements that can affect the clarity of your video or audio files. For example, we can mention background noise, dialects or poor audio/video systems, which can all interfere with your files. However, HR Connect will always offer a solution to any problem. Our skilled network is qualified to deal with any type of imperfection in your file. Moreover, our team of transcriptionists will decode any dialect, accent or other communication or technology challenge in order to provide you with a service with the highest accuracy.


If you are a media producer and you want your potential customers to find you online, we have a solution for you. With our media transcription, we will provide you with a text that will support your production, be it an audio or video file. This way, we will help search engines point clients to your product. We are here to help you be visible online, so all you need to do is to contact us.

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