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Patent translation

What Is Patent translation?

Patent translation is the process of translating any document required in the patent-filing process such as lawyers’ correspondence, patent specification, office actions, prior art search, etc., into the target jurisdiction’s official language.

With globalization accelerating, innovation companies are scrambling to expand their businesses to worldwide markets. To make their intellectual property competitive and protected in new territories, they will need the assistance with patent translation at some point.

Patent documentation is demanding and highly technical, so only a native-speaking and experienced patent translator with in-depth specialist knowledge and a complete understanding of legal terminology can take on patent translation responsibilities. This is where working with a reliable patent translation company becomes essential.

Patent translation by Subject Matter Experts

ALMUTARJIM.MA is a leading provider of patent translation services for clients in Morocco. This includes patent law firms, corporations in the tech sector and clients in the life sciences (biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies).

Our patent translation is done by native language translators with experience in patent translation and with appropriate knowledge of applicable laws. A good patent translator needs to have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter that the patent relates to. All of our patent translators are certified, have extensive experience in patent translation and are scrupulously vetted before being accepted to work with us.

Patent translation Expertise

Intellectual property can cover many different areas from logos and corporate identity documents to products, services and processes that differentiate your business from competitors. Companies, no matter where they are located, are at risk of having their ideas, products and services concepts being stolen. That is why it is so important to protect your intellectual property especially on international level. When it comes to patent translations, ALMUTARJIM.MA understands that Patent documents have a special style of writing, and we have extensive experience and expertise to help you to perform such kind of translations in professional and accurate way without losing its uniqueness.

The key to successful patent translation is understanding and precise conveying of the idea, product, service or brand you are planning to patent in the target language

Accuracy and quality of patent translation is very important. Our translators have a vast experience in patent translations with extensive knowledge of technical, legal and business terminology. Our patent translation services can meet any requirements of our clients and we guarantee 100% accuracy and strict adherence to deadlines when translating your patent-related documents.

ALMUTARJIM.MA: A Professional Patent translation Firm

Protecting your intellectual property is critical, no matter where your business takes you. Because there is no international framework to protect your IP from one market to another, international patents are vital. If you plan to file for a patent in another country, an essential step in the patent filing process is professional patent translation. Patent translations from a respected global patent translation company will help you complete a patent application overseas.

Do you have a tough deadline coming up in the patent filing process? No problem. Just let ALMUTARJIM.MA know your desired turnaround time. We will come up with a translation plan that provides top quality while ensuring your translations are done on time.
ALMUTARJIM.MA stands behind its reputation as one of the leading Moroccan providers of business translation. Our extensive network of translators has proven itself to be capable of fast, error-free,