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Simultaneous translation, also known as simultaneous interpreting, is a complex and demanding form of interpretation. It typically involves the use of specialized equipment such as interpreter booths, headsets, and microphones to facilitate real-time translation for large events like conferences, seminars, and multilingual gatherings.

The cost of simultaneous translation services can vary based on several factors, including:

  1. Event Duration: Simultaneous interpreting services are often priced per interpreter, per hour. The longer the event, the more interpreters may be required for rotation to ensure accuracy and avoid interpreter fatigue.
  2. Language Pair: The availability and rarity of language pairs can influence the price. More common language pairs might have a broader pool of interpreters, potentially reducing the cost.
  3. Number of Interpreters: Depending on the event’s complexity and duration, you may need multiple interpreters working in teams to provide continuous service.
  4. Equipment Needs: Simultaneous interpreting typically requires specialized equipment such as interpreter booths, headsets, and receivers. The cost of equipment rental and setup might be included in the quote.
  5. Travel and Accommodation: If the event takes place at a location that requires interpreters to travel, travel expenses and accommodation may be factored into the quote.
  6. Subject Matter: Some events may require interpreters with expertise in specific industries or technical fields, which can affect the pricing.

To receive an accurate quote for simultaneous translation services, it is best to contact professional interpreting agencies or individual interpreters directly. Provide them with detailed information about your event, including the date, duration, language pair, location, and any specific requirements. This way, they can assess the scope of work and provide you with a tailored quote that suits your needs. Comparing quotes from multiple providers will help you find the best option that meets both your budget and quality requirements.