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When requesting a quote from an interpreting agency, you can use the following response template:

Request for Interpreting Services Quote

Event Details:

  • Event Type: [Conference/Business Meeting/Seminar/Other]
  • Event Date(s) and Time(s): [Event Dates and Time Slots]
  • Event Location: [Event Venue or Online Platform]
  • Expected Duration: [Number of Hours/Days]

Interpreting Details:

  • Language Pair: [Source Language -> Target Language]
  • Type of Interpreting: [Simultaneous/Consecutive/Other, specify if required]
  • Subject Matter: [Provide a brief description of the event’s subject matter]

Additional Information:

  • Number of Interpreters: [Specify the number of interpreters required, if known]
  • Equipment Needs: [Specify if equipment rental for simultaneous interpreting is necessary]
  • Travel and Accommodation: [Mention if interpreters would need to travel and require accommodation]

We are committed to ensuring effective communication during our event, and we are seeking experienced and qualified interpreters to provide seamless language support.