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Transcription can be defined as the process of converting an audio file into a written text. Transcription service is useful in various situations, such as when a college student wants the transcript from a recent lecture for study, or when a journalist has  recorded a spoken interview and wants to search it to grab a quote for his article, or when a professional needs a written record of a meeting. Regardless of the scenario, to have a written text is usually more suitable to work with than an audio recording.

Therefore, whether you want a quote from an interview, or you make personal voice memos and write them down later, or you want to produce a searchable text from a long speech, which are all tiresome processes that may take a lot of your time,  HR Connect can take care of all this thanks to its transcription services. In order to benefit from our transcription services, all you need to do is to upload a file, select your options, and add a payment method.

It is evident that the process of transcription is very difficult and time consuming to achieve, as it is hard to achieve with complete accuracy, without spelling errors, and with accurate punctuation. This is where HR Connect’s transcription service would be of significant assistance and do the heavy lifting.  Converting audio files into written texts with full accuracy and within the deadlines is among the services in which  we excel.