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When obtaining a quote for simultaneous interpreters, it is crucial to provide comprehensive details about your specific event to ensure an accurate estimate. Start by specifying the date, time, and location of the event where simultaneous interpretation is required. Additionally, indicate the language pair (source and target languages) for interpretation.

Provide information about the subject matter or topic of the event, as this will help the interpreters prepare and ensure they have the necessary expertise. If you require interpretation equipment, mention this in your request, as it may influence the overall quote.

Contact professional simultaneous interpreting service providers through their websites, email, or phone, and request a detailed quote based on the provided event details. They may ask further questions to better understand your requirements and provide you with an appropriate quote.

Compare the quotes received from different providers, considering factors like cost, qualifications, experience, and any additional services offered. Remember that simultaneous interpretation can be more complex and may require a team of interpreters, so providing accurate and detailed information will lead to a more precise quote for your specific event.