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Video Interpreting is a multi-lingual video streaming service that makes it possible for you to speak in your language whereas your audience watches and listens in their language over the internet, live and in real-time, no matter where they are in the world.
Video interpreting  service provided by HR Connect is cost efficient, as it is an innovative method which allows you to access your audience when face to face interpreting service is not possible. Our video remote interpreting service allows you to contact highly qualified professionals who facilitate Interpreting when physical presence is not possible. HR Connect’s team of interpreters are available on demand and at any time and ready to provide you with interpreting service of high quality at a low cost.

Video interpreting functions thanks to a camera crew who transmit the event over the internet to our highly trained simultaneous interpreters who convert the speech into your audience’s language. That way, the audio and video streams are recombined and securely streamed to your audience over the internet.

HR Connect provides you with the opportunity to choose among +10, which means that thousands of viewers can be supported, as you can target several areas simultaneously, and, therefore, giving your events international impact and reach. In order to increase the quality of the service we provide you with, we recommend you to provide us with background information of the event in advance.

Examples of situations where video Interpreting service is used

  • International conferences and presentations
  • Company global affiliate announcements
  • International investor relations briefings