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Audiovisual Translation

Audiovisual translation is an art that encompasses a series of specialized techniques and approaches. It involves working with various file formats to deliver a coherent, fluent, and localized version of your audiovisual content.

Audiovisual translation has an individual nature and presents its issues. While, like any translation, it is a question of transferring the original message into another language as closely as possible, there are some significant differences to take into account.

When it comes to Audiovisual translation, the source text primarily consists of oral dialogue or monologue. This unique nature presents specific challenges, including the dual nature of the audiovisual text. The target text must adhere to character limitations while ensuring legibility for viewers when displayed on screen. Synchronization with the dialogue is also crucial. At ALMUTARJIM.MA, our expert translators excel in meeting the complex needs of Audiovisual translation projects, providing high-quality and synchronized subtitles that faithfully convey the message.

 Subtitling Services:

At ALMUTARJIM.MA we only assign subtitling projects to experienced linguists with a solid technical background, allowing them to work with various file formats and deliver a perfectly translated or transcribed .srt file.

Our audiovisual translators are the only professionals fully equipped to transpose the message of your video, movie, or promotional film. While all are native speakers, some even work in the industry themselves as directors, writers, or producers of audiovisual content.

Subtitles and Audiovisual translation services

Audiovisual translation and subtitles services bring together text and sound, ensuring that an audiovisual product can be received and understood in different languages.

To produce natural subtitles and Audiovisual translation services, the professional native translator needs to:

  • consider if the language has been written to be read or to be spoken,
  • While respecting the reading and rhythm patterns that differ in each culture.
Products that require subtitles and Audiovisual translation
  • films
  • series
  • bulletins
  • interviews
  • debates
  • reports
  • informative programs
  • documentaries
  • features
  • campaigns
  • advertisements
  • advertising reports
  • competitions
  • magazine programs
  • reality shows
Translation of subtitles:
  • Transcription of the text from the script to the same language spoken. Delivery in SubRip (.srt) format, which includes the time code.
  • Translation of the script text into other languages, having delivered the transcription of the original text or directly delivering the translated text, according to the customer’s choice.
  • Inserting subtitles and delivering subtitled videos in the same language as the audio or translated into any other language.
Translation of interviews:

The linguists who translate interviews need to have a journalistic background to:

  • Understand the structure of this genre
  • Know about the different types of interviews that exist:
    • Informative
    • Of a divulgation character
    • Profiles
    • Interpretative
    • Opinions
Subtitling services

Do you need a professional Audiovisual translation, are you looking for video subtitles to be translated? Our translation company creates and provides subtitles in multiples languages in any video format. Whether it is for the movie industry, television, a website, or a company, subtitling your multimedia content will help you reach a wider audience. Subtitling or dubbing your video content is one of the key steps to expanding your business internationally, beyond English-speaking countries. Have your multimedia productions localized!

Quality Video Subtitling

We handle multilingual translations and subtitling jobs based on the needs of our clients:

  • Transcription Service: We transform the audio content of a video into written text (script)
  • Spotting: We add time markers i.e. minute and second indicators for sound and/or subtitles
  • Translation of Subtitles
  • Adaptation of Subtitles

Subtitling your video content allows viewers to hear the content of your audiovisual media in its original language, and/or read the subtitles. Moreover, this is the best strategy in terms of costs and time, as well as a great way to start promoting your industry or your media and business projects internationally.

Off-screen and Voiceover

Off screen and voiceover are common in documentaries, interviews, promotional films, and institutional videos. In both cases, one voice track is replaced by another voice in a foreign language.

Off-screen is audio that is recorded by someone who is not visible on screen, but whose voice can be heard; whereas a speaker who is not part of the scene performs voiceover being shown on screen.

Our subtitling company has specialized translators and audiovisual technicians to provide you with quality translation of video content, subtitles, voiceover recordings, for all of your multimedia projects. Contact us now!

Translation Services for E-Learning

The video sector has also conquered the world of professional training: tutorials are considered essential tools for informing and for expanding the expertise of employees and users in general. One of the sectors to reap the most benefits from this new formative technique is stock trading that is why our agency also provides technical translations of audiovisual products intended for the financial world, particularly video courses which make training easier and immediate. From Power Point presentation to audio registration, we see to a video course’s every detail.

Specialized Audiovisual Translators:

We have put together a team of specialized translators who are experts in the audiovisual industry (cinema, television, broadcasting, etc.) so that we can meet all your translation needs for:

  • Script translation
  • Synopsis translation
  • Storyboard translation
  • Subtitling
  • Dialogue transcription
Screenplay and Movie Script Translations:

For the translation of television or movie scripts, our specialized audiovisual translators can do their translations in Final Draft format.

Audio-Visual Translation (AVT) Services:

In today’s digital world, marketers have a wide variety of multimedia tools at their fingertips to inform, inspire and connect with potential customers. When you want to reach a global audience, professional audiovisual translation services are necessary.

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ALMUTARJIM.MA offers a comprehensive range of localization services for your audiovisual content to help your brand stand out. Our audiovisual services include:

  • Closed captions
  • Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Open captions
  • Subtitle translation
  • Wild recordings
  • Timed recordings
    • Narration
    • Overdubbing
  • Verbatim transcripts
  • Intelligent transcripts
  • Edited transcripts
  • Translations of transcripts
Video editing
  • Localization of any on-screen text, graphics or animations
Benefits of using our audio visual translation services

If you are among the 85% of businesses that already use video as a marketing tool, you will already know the impact it has on potential customers.

Audiovisual translation can help your business be seen and heard worldwide. In addition, when you want your marketing content to truly resonate with your global audience, it’s worth finding a professional to help you.

Our Audio Visual language services include:

  • Audiovisual translations
  • Audiovisual Subtitle Translations
  • Audiovisual Voice-over Translations
  • Audiovisual Transcriptions
  • Audiovisual Voiceovers and Voice Artists
  • Audiovisual Subtitling
  • Audiovisual On-screen text Localization
  • Audiovisual Motion Graphics Localization
  • Audiovisual Graphics Localization