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HR Connect has taken all the necessary time to provide a wide range of services to meet its clients’ language requirements, including our live, over-the-phone interpretation services. Phone Interpretation service provides you with the unique possibility of calling a secure private line and accessing our on-call live interpreters who are qualified to interpret to and from +10.Phone Interpretation service is provided through the use of sophisticated call center technology and very skilled and qualified professionals enabling us to match a qualified, industry-specific phone interpreter with callers in over 10 languages within very short time.

HR Connect disposes of call center operators, interpreters, supervisors, managers, interpreter liaisons, scheduling analysts, telecom specialists and technical engineers who are available all the time. All of our phone interpreters have thorough knowledge of the subject matter our clients may require.

To benefit from our phone interpretation service, all you need to do is to call, and we will help you with your communication.

Everyone can benefit from HR Connect’s cost-effective and easy-to-use phone interpretation service, including all types of organizations such as hospitals, law firms, NGOs, etc., can benefit from this phone interpretation service. The main objective of our phone interpretation service is to convey the meaning of t the parties’ speech in order to help you achieve your major goal, which is effective communication.