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Technical Translation

Technical translation, also known as specialized translation, is the translation of specialized documents that use specific words and phrases associated with a particular industry. These words and phrases are not generally used in everyday language.

Contrary to literary translation, Technical translation deals with specialized texts that can be found in various fields.

Your Technical translation needs

Choosing the right translator for your Technical translation

Though the precision in Technical translation is such a high stake decision ‘see Technical document translation: precision before anything’, choosing a professional translator according to the field and target audience of the document is just as important. Most translators specialize in different fields of translation

What are Technical translation services and why they are important?

Technical translation services are an invaluable asset for any business, organization or individual dealing with technical documents.

Technical translation is a specialized field of translation, which focuses on translating technical documents from one language to another. Technical documents can include instruction manuals, user guides, product specifications, medical reports and patent applications among many others.

These translations require an in-depth understanding of the source material as well as the target audience to ensure accuracy and consistency between the two languages.

Technical translators must be proficient in both the source and target languages so that they can accurately convey not only the words but also their meaning and intent.

This type of translation requires additional knowledge beyond simply being fluent in multiple languages, making it essential for businesses relying on accurate information to have access to professional Technical translation services.

Only the most technical translators with expertise in the specific subject matter can provide accurate and reliable translations that capture the intended meaning of a document while also conveying its message in another language.

With our accurate Technical translations, businesses can communicate technical information to customers and partners around the world without worrying about potential misunderstandings due to linguistic differences.

What are the areas in which the Technical translation takes place?

  1. Engineering and its applied technologies:
  • Agronomy translations
  • Aeronautical Engineering and Technology translations
  • Chemical Engineering and Technology translations
  • Construction technology translations
  • Engineering and electronic technology translations
  • Environmental Engineering and Technology translations
  • Food Technology translations
  • Industrial Technology and Engineering translations
  • Mechanical Engineering and Technology translations
  • Metallurgical Engineering and Technology translations
  • Automotive technology translations
  • Mining Engineering and Technology translations
  • Nuclear technology translations
  • Telecommunications technology translations
  • Textile technology translations
  1. Biomedical sciences
  • Public health translations
  • Biochemistry translations
  • Genetics translations
  • Pharmaceutical technology translations
  • Biotechnology translations
  • Pharmacology and clinical trials translations
  • Veterinary sciences translations
  • Pathophysiology translations
  • Toxicology and environmental health translations
  1. Another field that must be taken into account within the concept of Technical translation is that related to New Technologies. A category that changes and develops day by day in the international arena and that interest new generations so much. Beyond the Internet sector, these new technologies are:
  • Microelectronics translations
  • Automation translations
  • Laser technology translations
  • Renewable energy translations
  • New Materials translations
  • Nanotechnology translations

As we see, the fields of action of Technical translations are vast and the quality of the translation of a technical text will depend on the specialization of the translator in that field of action.

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