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At HR Connect, we have been providing insurance transcription since we started operating in the domain of language services, and so far our transcription services have been beyond what our clients expected. HR Connect’s transcription services provides its clients with two types of transcription services. The first one is strict transcription in which every single word or utterance in the recording is transcribed, including every false start such as um, uh, etc. the second type is cleaned up transcription, which includes all the spoken words, but the false starts are left out. The type of transcription service provided by HR Connect depends on the client’s requirements.

Insurance adjusters conduct many interviews related to various situations, including automobile accidents, workers’ compensation or homeowner’s claims. The interviews are usually conducted over the telephone and recorded digitally. Some of these insurance adjusters make a site visit in case they need to take many witness statements. Once the statements are collected, they can upload their digital audio files to our transcription services company who will take care of the transcript creation process that is always conducted with full accuracy.

In addition to transcription services, HR Connect can also provide insurance companies and private investigators with reports editing service. That means you can send us your document containing notes, and we will edit the document to come up with a polished and professional report.

Do not hesitate to benefit from our insurance transcription services of high quality. HR Connect, with its long experience in providing perfect insurance transcription services, is a leader in the domain.. our insurance transcription services are carried out accurately and within the deadlines.

HR Connect’s transcription services cover the following:

  • Recorded statements
  • Notes on investigations and probes
  • Summary and file reports
  • Theft/property damage report and
  • Insurance reports for property, casualty, holdings and assets