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Language service providers are also known as translation agencies. The term language service provider (LSP) refers to companies or agencies that offer varying degrees of translation, interpretation, localization, language and social coaching services. HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco is a widely known language service provider, inside as well as outside Morocco, as it is a company that has been providing all the services related to language, such as translation, interpreting, Arabization and localization, for more than a decade now. The following is the list of the main services that our LSP, HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco, generally offers:


Language interpretation is the assisting of verbal or sign language interaction, either at the same time or repeatedly to render the task of communication easy between people speaking in different languages. There are various ways of interpretation, such as telephone, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

Consecutive Interpretation

– During the consecutive interpretation, the speaker keeps talking for a period of time, which may go from less than one minute up to several minutes, and then pauses to allow the interpreter to translate what was said into the another language. When the interpreter finishes translating the uttered speech, the speaker continues his speech where he stopped.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is when the speaker keeps delivering his speech at a natural speed. The interpreter translates what the speaker is saying with an interval of just a few moments behind the speaker making the interpretation as real-time as possible. This type of interpreting is usually performed during conferences or meetings containing a large number of people. The interpreter hears what is being said through a headset and then interprets the speech into the target language through a microphone. The intended audience hears the interpretation through their headphones.

Telephonic Interpretation

– Phone interpretation is the interaction that takes place between people who do not speak the same language via a phone. The interpreter assists both parties to communicate with each other.


_ Translation is the process of rendering words or text from one language into another. The materials to be translated may be books, manuals, financial documents, websites, patents, user guides, blogs, search engine marking ads and so on.


– Language localization can be defined as the second stage of a translation, which takes into consideration the nuances of a particular country, region or group. Localization comprises an extensive study of the focus culture on the lifestyle and the norms of a society. Localization is often related to social adaptation and translation of very subjective items (i.e. software, games, website, etc.).