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Liaison interpreting

During multilingual events, whether it is a company visit, commercial negotiations, business meetings or any other type of events where a smaller number of participants need to communicate with each other, our liaison interpreters at HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco will help you by making communication between participants go smoothly and without any possible misunderstandings.

A liaison interpreter has to be able to resist stress that characterizes his profession, as he should develop his ability to divide attention and to have excellent concentration skills, outstanding reflexes and good diction. HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco is among the few companies on the market that provide liaison interpreting service for many companies and institutions in Morocco. Our liaison interpreting service covers, among others, the following:

  • Press conferences
  • Court hearings
  • TV and radio broadcasts
  • Tele-conferences and video-conferences
  • Visits and training sessions from foreign experts

If you want to benefit from our liaison interpreting service, do not hesitate to contact us.