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Who We Are

creative, dynamic, punctual, accurate

We are a Moroccan translation agency that has the expertise to perform

translations from and into numerous languages. Since its inception in 2006, the agency has quickly grown into becoming the go-to reference in the field of translation from and into Arabic in Morocco. Our headquarters are situated in the city of Casablanca; this choice was made based on the economic importance of the city, being the financial center of Morocco. More than a decade has passed since our foundation; however, we are still resolved to achieve the original goal that prompted us to found this translation agency:

that goal was the urgent need to improve the field of translation in Morocco and to transform it from an unprofessional field into a professional one. To attain this end, we took the initiative to become the leaders of the translation market in Morocco, and we worked hard to make up for the incredible shortage of professional translators in Morocco. Moreover, we responded to every need the translation market in Morocco had at that time with a strategy that was both efficient and serious. Our agency strives to remove barriers to communication by enhancing the understanding among people and among companies, in order for them to move forward and prosper in a global environment.