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Medical Translation Services

ALMUTARJIM.MA is a professional translation agency with expertise in medical translations (also known as life sciences translations). Over the years, ALMUTARJIM.MA has developed long-term partnerships with various medical companies. Our client portfolio includes, among others, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical appliances and other aids as well as clinical research organizations (CROs).

We have a team of experienced medical translators. Our translators translate into their native language and are familiar with medical jargon, ensuring the correct terminology and nuances are used. We can handle your translation project from start to end.

A medical translation can be envisioned for professionals or for lay people, such as patients. In all cases, we provide a clear and consistent translation that is custom-made to the target group.

Medical & Healthcare Translation Services

Medical translation services are crucial for all healthcare organizations and professionals. Your patients expect you to be able to communicate with them in their language, so it is essential that you provide them with high quality and timely medical translations.

The field of providing medical translation services is a critical one that requires high accuracy and superior quality. If you are looking for a source of certified medical translation from professional medical interpreters and translators, get in touch now!

Translation Services for Medical Purposes

Often, medical translations require a much more in-depth approach than simply conveying words and keeping their literal meaning. In many cases, extensive and specific medical knowledge and a first-hand experience within the medical sector are looked-for to provide an accurate translation.

If you are looking for expert medical translation services in Morocco, ALMUTARJIM.MA is your go-to company. No other LSP can provide as fast, high-quality medical translations at lower prices. Call us on +212663737683 or email to discuss your medical translation needs with our experts.


Medicine encompasses innumerable fields and disciplines that are closely related to each other.

Medical translation involves the translation of various types of documents, such as healthcare training materials, medical devices or pharmaceutical fields, marketing, clinical, regulatory and technical documentation.

Moreover, medical translation is not just about working with doctors as there are several other areas where it is needed. For example, in labels related to pharmaceuticals and medical devices sold locally to translate them into the language they commonly use, translation of medical text is very important for clinical trials so that patients, local doctors and representatives of regulatory organizations can understand them.


When medical translation services are required, it is because a translation may be needed for different types of documents such as medical reports, prescriptions, leaflets, instructions for use of medical devices, clinical trial reports, articles in specialized supplements of medical journals, advertisements in the media, patient informed consents, medical records, specialized textbooks, software and installation manuals for hospital equipment, patents

Medical translation is highly specialized and needs more attention, such as subject matter expertise in order to accurately translate various documents, from labels to brochures, medical journals to patient magazines, training materials and patents.

Because medical texts primarily involve the lives of patients, there must be a strong focus on the quality of the translation of medical articles. The global medical industry is highly regulated. Companies that need to translate their medical documentation often choose medical translation agencies.


ALMUTARJIM.MA is a medical translation agency specializing in medical translations, health and life sciences at AL MUTARJIM Translation services.

We have a professional team of medical translators with the aim of providing you with the highest quality medical translations, including the following possibilities:

Medical translations You Can Trust

Sensitive medical document translations demand the highest level of care. At ALMUTARJIM.MA, we comprehend the complexity of your medical content.

Do you need professional medical translations for patient reports, clinical trial records, physician manuals, insurance documents and more?

ALMUTARJIM.MA is a leading provider of professional medical translation services. Our team of experienced medical translators is equipped to handle any type of medical content, including clinical trial translation, patient education materials translation, and regulatory document translation.

We specialize in translating medical content for a wide range of industries – such as pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers and you can expect faster delivery times, a streamlined process, and high-quality translations that meet your specific needs and requirements. We have worked with a variety of public and private medical sectors throughout the years, providing them with accurate, professional medical translation services in many languages.