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Interpreting services in Morocco

Language services constitute now an important part of the needs of Moroccan businesses and organizations, as we have become one of the region’s most diverse populations.

We are continuously helping more businesses to operate on the international level and to reach more clients all over the world, and we are offering more non-Arabic speakers the opportunity to access everyday services that will enable their businesses to prosper.

In 10+ languages ranging from health, legal, insurance, government support, phone, internet to energy services – and more –, our interpreting services are making it possible for people and business to connect with each other and prosper together.

HR Connect for translation and interpretation in Morocco
provides various services, including conference interpreting, consecutive interpreting, telephone interpreting, etc., according to your needs and the speech to be interpreted.

Our remote and onsite interpreting services gives our clients complete flexibility to meet the needs of businesses.

Our interpreters are highly trained and qualified to successfully interpret between a number of different languages in the fields of politics, energy, banking, business, medicine and others.

We are fully aware that interpretation’s requirements are completely different from translation’s, the reason why we select specialists in various locations who are experts and very well trained in this domain. Please contact us to check if we can provide you with the interpreting services that you need.

We offer different types interpreting services including:

  • Simultaneous interpreting – we will translate to the listeners the speech of the speaker at the time it is delivered, which gives the speaker the opportunity to talk continuously.
  • Consecutive interpreting is a kind of interpreting that is performed after the speaker has finished a part of his speech by repeating his words in the target language, so it involves a certain kind of collaboration between the interpreter and speaker, who will pause after each sentence or point.
  • Telephone interpreting consists of delivering translation services via the phone. Telephone interpreting is useful for those who do not have interpreters available on site. Our experienced interpreters have worked in a wide range of business and official settings, as they have in-depth knowledge of various sectors. If you have specific interpreting requirements, just contact us today and tell us how we can help.